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Mental Health 24 hour Emergency Services
Servicios de Emergencia 24 horas de Salud Mental

St Joseph’s Hospital Mobile Outreach/Onsite Psychiatric Emergency Screening
703 Main Street, Paterson(973) 754-2230


Hot Lines/Lineas de Apoyo

Info Line –  211
Passaic Cty. Women’s Ctr. 24 hr. hot line (973)-881-1450
Contact Morris-Passaic (973)-831-1870
Strengthen Our Sisters, Wanaque (women’s shelter) (973)-728-0007
Child Abuse Hot Line (DCP&P) 1-877-652-2873
Parent 24 Hr. Stress Line 1-800-843-5437 1-866-202-4357
Post-Partum Depression Hotline 1-800-328-3838
National Alliance on Mental Illness 1-800-950-6264
NJ Veterans Helpline-Mental Health Services 1-866-838-7654
Youth Hotline 24 Hrs. (4-10pm Spanish) 1-888-222-2228
Peer Recovery Warm-Line   1-877 292-5588 or 973-571-4100 ext. 251
(Peer support for mental health consumers Mon- Fri 8am-10pm, weekends 5-10pm)


Mental Health Information and  Referral/
Información de la Salud Mental y Referidos

Passaic County Div. of Human Serv. (Mental Health) (973)-881-2835 1-866-202-4357
First Call for Help (Mon-Fri-8:30-5pm) 1-800-HELP-555
Mental Health Association in Passaic County (973)-478-4444
Self Help Group Clearing House 1-800-367-6274
National Alliance on Mental Illness 1-800-950-6264


Hospital In-Patient/ Hospitalización

Voluntary Admissions/ Internamientos Voluntarios
St. Joseph’s Hospital,
703 Main St. Paterson (Regan 2) (973) 754-3295

Involuntary Admissions/Admision involuntaria
Clara Maass  Hospital,
1 Clara Maass Dr. Belleville, NJ (973) 450-2111

Essex Cty. Hospital Ctr.
204 Grove Avenue. Cedar Grove, NJ (973) 571-2800

Greystone Park Psych. Hosp.
59 Koch Avenue Morris Plains, NJ (973) 538-1800

Bergen Reg. Medical Ctr.
230 E. Ridgewood Avenue Paramus, NJ 1-800-730-2762


Case Management/Manejo de Casos

Integrated Case Management Services
530 Main St. Passaic  (973) 470-3142

PACT (Program for Assertive Comm. Treatment)
13 Fairfield Ave Little Falls, NJ          (973) 638-1120 or (973) 638-1113

PATH Program
645 Main Street, Paterson NJ (Homeless Mentally ill) (973) 754-4747

Bridge Program (17-24 yrs. Old)
401 Grand St. Paterson, NJ (973) 225-3188


Partial Hospitalization – Day Treatment/
Hospitalización Parcial – Tratamiento de Día

St Joseph’s Partial Care (Harbor House)
645 Main Street, Paterson (973) 754-2800

Medallion Care Behavioral Health
470 Colfax Avenue, Clifton(973) 473-2343

New Bridge Services
1069 Ringwood Ave. Ste 202 Haskell, NJ(973)-628-8530

St. Mary’s Behavioral Health@ Seton Center
530 Main Avenue, Passaic, NJ(973) 470-3056

Adult Family Health Serv.
53 Orchard St. Clifton, NJ(973) 773-7600

SERV Ctrs. of NJ, Inc. ADAPT Day Program(973) 594-0125


Outpatient Counseling/Adults and Families/
Consultas/Terapias de Adultos y Familias

ACCESS (Deaf & Hard of Hearing)
60 Hamilton Street, Paterson, NJ(973)-754-5595

Arab American Counseling Services (MHAPC)
404 Clifton Avenue, Clifton, NJ(973) 478-4444

Catholic Charities Catholic Family & Community Services
476 17th Avenue, Paterson, NJ(973) 523-9595

Christian Counseling Center
352 Clifton Avenue, Clifton, NJ (973) 365-2125

Counseling & Wellness Ctr of W. Milford
1592B Union Valley Rd. W. Milford NJ(973) 657-1222

Jewish Family and Children Service of:
Clifton/Passaic, 925 Allwood Road, Clifton, NJ(973) 777-7638
North Jersey, 1 Pike Drive, Wayne, NJ(973) 595-0111

M&S Psychotherapy & Counseling
1157 Main Avenue, Clifton, NJ(973) 341-9869

Mental Health Clinic of Passaic
111 Lexington Avenue, Passaic, NJ(973) 471-8006
1451 Van Houten Avenue, Clifton, NJ      ext. 102 (973) 473-2775

New Bridge Services
1069 Ringwood Ave. Ste. 301, Pompton Lakes, NJ(973) 831-0613

P.O.W.E.R short term intensive treatment for adults in acute need
24 hour access. 530 Main Avenue Passaic, NJ(973) 470-3100

Options Counseling Center
9 West Broadway, Paterson, NJ(973) 345-1883

Pathways Counseling Center
16 Pompton Avenue, Pompton Lakes, NJ(973) 835-6337

SERV-Clifton Behavioral Health Care
777 Bloomfield Avenue, Clifton, NJ(973) 594-0125

St. Mary’s Behavioral Health@ Seton Center
530 Main Avenue, Passaic, NJ(973) 470-3056

St. Joseph’s Hospital Mental Health Clinic
56 Hamilton Street   Paterson, NJ(973) 754-4750

Wayne Counseling and Family Services Center
1022 Hamburg Tpke, Wayne, NJ(973) 694-1234

Counseling for Veterans and Families (Vet Center)(800) 905-4675


Alcoholism & Drug Abuse/Abuso de Alcohol y Drogas

Damon House
175 Market Street, Paterson NJ(973) 279-5563

Eva’s Village
393 Main St, Paterson NJ(973) 523-6620

New Bridge Services
105 Hamburg Turnpike, Pompton Lakes, NJ(973) 831-0613
1801 Greenwood Lake Turnpike, Hewitt, NJ  (973)-728-3938

New Life Recovery Center
1810 Macopin Rd., West Milford, NJ(973) 728-7788

Northeast Life Skills
121 Howe Avenue, Passaic, NJ (973) 777-2962

Options Counseling Center (also offer anger management)
9 West Broadway, Paterson, NJ(973) 345-1883

Paterson Counseling
321 Main St Paterson NJ(973) 523-8316

Passaic Alliance
286 Passaic St, Passaic NJ(973) 365-5740

Straight & Narrow
508 Straight St, Paterson NJ(973) 345-6000

Turning Point
Barnert Medical Arts Complex Paterson NJ   (973) 239-9400

Wayne Counseling
1022 Hamburg Turnpike, Wayne NJ(973) 694-1234


Transitional/Supervised Housing
Vivienda de Transición Supervisada

Advance Housing Inc. (18-24 yrs old)    (201) 498-9144

Resources for Human Dev.
2 Andrews Dr, Ste 1,. W. Paterson, NJ(973) 837-9500

S.T.E.P. (crisis stabilization housing) 293 Passaic St. Passaic, NJ(973)-471-6907

Collaborative Support Programs (CSP)
4 Brighton Road Suite# 206 Clifton NJ(973) 340-2346

St. Joseph’s Residential Services
160 Market Street, Paterson, NJ(973) 754-4685

New Bridge Services
7 Industrial Rd. 3rd Fl, Pequannock, NJ(973) 839-2520

SERV Passaic
777 Bloomfield Ave Clifton, NJ(973) 594-0125

St. Mary’s Adult Residential Services
293 Passaic Street, Passaic, NJ(973) 778-9628

NJ Com. Dev. Corp (17 yrs. Old & up) (973) 413-1655


Self-Help/Centros de Autoayuda

NAMI Families in QuestPassaic County(732)-940-0091

Our House (Self Help Center)
750 Broadway, Paterson, NJ(973) 553-1101

Social Connections (Self Help Center)
1 Westervelt Ave Clifton, NJ(973) 778-8810

DIAL (Persons with disabilities)(973) 470-8090

Association for Special Children(973) 728-8744

NJ Self-Help Clearing House  1-800-452-9790
(State-wide listings of all self-help groups including coping with specific illnesses)

“Double Trouble” Support Group
(Mental illness & substance abuse)  (973) 478-4444

Depression, Bi-polar Support Group  (973) 478-4444


Children’s Services/Servicios de Menores de Edad

SERV-Clifton Behavioral Health Care
777 Bloomfield Ave., Clifton, NJ(973) 594-0125

Mental Health Clinic of Passaic
Ida Gurtman Therapeutic Children’s Program (ages 3-6)
1451 Van Houten Avenue, Clifton, NJ(973) 473-2775
181 Van Houten Avenue, Passaic, NJ(973) 777-1403

Family Center  111 Lexington Avenue, Passaic, NJ(973) 471-8006

Children’s Outreach, Home Visiting, Advocacy Program
1451 Van Houten Avenue, Clifton, NJ(973) 473-2775

After School Partial Care (6-11).
1451 Van Houten Avenue, Clifton, NJ(973) 473-2775

School Based Youth Services
185 Paulison  Ave., Passaic, NJ  (973) 473-2408

St Joseph’s Mental Health Clinic
56 Hamilton Street, Paterson, NJ(973) 754-4750

St. Mary’s Hospital
Adolescent/Partial Care-Youth Action Program-
530 Main Avenue Passaic, NJ(973) 470-3056

Jewish Family and Children Services
Clifton Office, 925 Allwood Rd. Clifton, NJ(973) 777-7638
1 Pike Drive, Wayne, NJ(973) 595-0111

Options Counseling Center (12-18)
9 West Broadway, Paterson, NJ(973) 345-1883

Performcare –N.J. Child Behavioral Health Services 
(in-home, outpatient, residential, mobile outreach)        (1-877)-652-7624

Children’s Inpatient/ Hospitalización de Menores de Edad

St. Clare’s Hospital,
130 Power Ville Rd.  Boonton, NJ (ages 5-17 (973) 316-1982

Holly Center,
Fisher Hall 260 Union Street Hackensack , NJ(201) 343-8803


Children’s Residential/Residencias de Menores de Edad

St. Mary’s Adolescent Residence (ages 11-17)
33 Mineral Springs Ave. Passaic, NJ(973) 773-3005

St. Josephs Children’s Center
124 Sheppard’s Lane Totowa, NJ(973) 595-5720

Services for Families/Servicios para Familias

Center for Family Resources
12 Morris Road, Ringwood, NJ(973) 962-0055

Child Care Coordinating Council
101 Oliver St.  Paterson, NJ(973) 684-1904

Planned Parenthood
680 Broadway, Paterson, NJ 973) 345-3883
750 Hamburg Tpke. Pompton Lakes, NJ(973) 839-2363

NJ Department of Children & Families (DCF)
100 Hamilton Plaza, 11th fl., Paterson, NJ(973) 523-6090
22 Mill Street, Paterson, NJ(973) 977-4525

Family Intervention Servies
655 Broadway, Paterson, NJ(973) 523-0089

Straight & Narrow Family Success Ctr.
101 Cedar St. Paterson, NJ(973) 333-6240

Paterson Family Success Center
79 Ellison St. Paterson NJ(973) 278-0220

Family Support Org-.Passaic Cty. 810 Belmont Ave. No. Haledon, NJ (973 427-0100

Consumer Parent Support Network (support for parents with mental illness)
 404 Clifton Ave. Clifton NJ(973) 478-4444

Intensive Family Support Services
404 Clifton Ave. Clifton NJ(973) 478-4444



Supported Employment
645 Main Street Paterson NJ(973) 754-8611

NJ Division of Vocational Rehabilitation
370 Broadway, Paterson, NJ – TTY 523-1474, Room 305(973) 977-4285

One Stop Career Center
388 Lakeview Ave Clifton NJ
52 Church St, Paterson NJ (973) 340-3400

Justice Involved Services/Servicios Legales

Community Health Law Project 
650 Bloomfield Ave. Ste.210 Bloomfield NJ(973) 680-5599

NJ Protection & Advocacy, Inc.
210 South. Broad St. Trenton, NJ(800) 922-7233

Northeast NJ Legal Services Corp.
574 Summit Ave, Jersey City, NJ (201) 792-6363

St. Mary’s Behavioral Health@ Seton Center-Justice Involved Services
530 Main Avenue, Passaic, NJ(973) 470-3390

Hispanic Info. Center of Passaic
186 Gregory Ave. Passaic, NJ(973) 779-7022

Prosecutor’s Office/ Information & Advocacy for Crime Victims (973) 881-4887


Financial Aid/Ayuda Financiera

Passaic County Board of Social Services
(Jersey Care, Home Energy Assistance, Welfare)
80 Hamilton Street, Paterson, NJ(973) 881-0100
200 Wanaque Avenue, Pompton Lakes, NJ(973) 839-5705
114 Prospect Street, Passaic, NJ(973) 470-5038

Food Stamps…80 Hamilton St. Paterson, NJ(973) 881-2500

Social Security (SSI, Medicare, Medicaid)
935 Allwood Road, 3rd Floor Clifton, NJ1-800-772-1213

PAAD Pharmaceutical Assistance Program
P.O. Box 715 Trenton, NJ1-800-792-9745
Emergency Housing/Vivienda de Emergencia

Emergency Housing/Vivienda de Emergencia

Eva’s Village
393 Main Street, Paterson, NJ(973) 742-2262

Catholic Charities
24 De Grassi St Paterson NJ(973) 279-7100

Hispanic Multi-Purpose Service Center – (S.W.I.T.C.H)
(Housing for homeless, single mothers)
911 E. 23rd. St. Paterson, NJ 973) 684-3320

Passaic County Women’s Center (Victims of Domestic Violence)(973) 881-1450

Strengthen Our Sisters, W. Milford, NJ(973) 728-7835
(Homeless/battered women & children, single pregnant women & teens)

PATH Program
160 Market Street, Paterson NJ (Homeless Mentally ill)(973) 754-4747

St. Paul’s Emergency Men’s Shelter
451 Van Houten Avenue, Paterson, NJ(973) 523-0585

Wellness Respite Services
7 Bernard Avenue, Haledon, NJ(862) 239-9896

Emergency Food Services/Servicios de alimentos de emergencia

St. Peters Haven(973) 546-3406

CUMAC Food Pantry
223 Ellison, Paterson, NJ(973) 742-5518

Eva’s Kitchen
393 Main Street, Paterson, NJ(973) 523-6220

United Passaic Organization (UPO) — Food Pantry
112 Washington Place, Passaic, NJ(973) 472-3611

Emergency Food Coalition of Passaic County
435 Main Paterson, NJ(973) 881-0415

Services for the Developmentally Disabled/Servicios para Discapcidad del Desarrollo

NJ Division of Developmental Disabilities
Regional Office, 100 Hamilton Plaza, 7th fl. Paterson, NJ(973) 977-4004

Assoc. for Special Children & Families(973) 728-8744
2019G Greenwood Lake Turnpike, Hewitt, NJ (973) 728-8744

The Arc of Bergen-Passaic County
223 Moore Street, Hackensack (201) 343-0322

Spectrum for Living
210 Rivervale Road, Rivervale, NJ(201) 358-8000

NJ Community Development Corp.
32 Spruce St. Paterson, NJ(973) 413-1600


Home Health Care/ Cuidado de Salud en el Hogar

Hospice of New Jersey.
400 Broadacres Drive, 4th Floor, Bloomfield NJ(973) 893-0818

Visiting Health Services of Passaic Valley & Passaic Valley Hospice
783 Riverview Drive, Totowa, NJ(973) 256-4636

Home Care Options
2190 Hamburg Tpke, Wayne, NJ(973) 523-1224

Visiting Angels
2190 Hamburg Tpke. Wayne, NJ(973) 839-3761


Services to the Elderly/ Servicios para Ancianos

Passaic County Dept. of Senior, Disability Services & Veteran Affairs
930 Riverview Drive, Totowa, NJ(973) 569-4060

New Bridge SAIL (Senior Asst. for Independent Living)(973) 839-2520

Mar-Del Manor
997 Ringwood Ave. Haskell, NJ(973) 839-4285

Preakness Health Care Ctr.
305 Oldham Rd. Wayne, NJ(973) 904-5000

Adult Protective Services
80 Hamilton Street, Paterson, NJ(973) 881-2616


Mental Health Association in Passaic County provides free of charge:
Asociación de Salud Mental en el Condado de Passaic provee servicios gratuitos


Legislative Network: Citizens and consumers volunteers analyzing services, educating elected officials about issues, recommending improvements.


Materials: Films, pamphlets, speakers on mental health topics.
Materiales: Películas, folletos, presentadores de temas sobre la salud mental.

Information and referral: For people seeking appropriate services for mental health problems.
Información y referencia: Para las personas que buscan servicios apropiados para los problemas de salud mental.

Arab American Counseling Services:  Offers culturally sensitive therapy for individuals & families.

Consumer Parent Support Network: Support services for parents with a diagnosis of mental illness in their parenting efforts and to promote healthy functioning of their families.

La Red de Apoyo para los padres: servicios de apoyo para los padres con un diagnóstico de enfermedad mental en sus esfuerzos de crianza de los hijos para promover el funcionamiento saludable de sus familias.

Community Advocate Program/POST: One-on-one support services to adults recovering from mental illness, and to persons at risk of hospitalization.

Comunidad/POST: Uno-a-uno servicios de apoyo a los adultos recuperandose de enfermedades mentales, y a las personas que corren el riesgo de hospitalización.

Self-help: Free support groups for family members and mental health consumers.

La auto-ayuda: grupos de apoyo para los miembros de la familia y los usuarios de los servicios de salud mental.

Intensive Family Support Services: In-home consultation and support, educational programs and training, support groups and respite for families with a mentally ill adult.

Servicios Intensivos de Apoyo Familiar: Consultas en su casa y apoyo, programas educativos y de capacitación, grupos de apoyo y respiro a las familias con un enfermo mental adulto.