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Presented by; Ratna Joshi-Nelson, MS DCAR, CJ, HEd

Passaic County Human Services Needs Assessment


Passaic County residents are facing more challenges now than ever. For many, their healthcare, financial, housing, and food insecurity needs have only been made worse by the current health crisis. For the most vulnerable, these times are especially difficult. Now, more than ever, it is critical that the county devote its resources to those in greatest need in the most effective and efficient way possible.

Passaic County’s Department of Human Services has been tasked, in cooperation with the NJ Department of Children and Families/Division of Child Protection and Permanency, to lead a comprehensive process that includes outreach and engagement of all ages and population groups, including seniors, single adults, youth, and families, so the County can better examine needs, and engage the resources that can best meet them.

Please take a moment to complete the survey and share the survey link with as many residents of Passaic County as possible.  The completion of this 15-minute online survey will ensure your voices and experiences are heard.

Click on the link (or copy to your browser) to take the survey https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/GZCK9JL .

Important/Informational Links & MHAPC News


Mental Health Organization in Passaic County Receives $7,500 Major Grant from The Provident Bank Foundation



NAMI NJ COVID-19 Resources: https://www.naminj.org/covid19/

NAMI NJ Online Support Groups: http://www.naminj.org/online-support-groups/

NAMI NJ Webinar Series: https://www.naminj.org/webinars/ -HIPAA and Supporting your Loved One with Mental Illness during the COVID-19 Isolation

Webinars for Providers

NAMI Ask the Expert: Mental Health and COVID-19


May 7, 2020

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, NJ’s Drug Monitoring Initiative (DMI) has created a “New Jersey Resource Guide” and accompanying overview IDR to provide all partners and the public with a comprehensive directory/list of programs, links, and information to relevant resources for a variety of topics. Updated: 5/7/2020

The Guide is prepared for your immediate use and, once uploaded by our NJ CARES partners, you can access the updated PDF version at:


You can share with the public, public safety, and public health partners in two different file types:

-DMI HPSN NJ COVID-19 Resource Guide – PDF (a PDF of power point slides, link posted above)

-DMI HPSN NJ COVID-19 Resource Guide – Excel (a spreadsheet with multiple tabs. Note: some tabs are sortable by location) Click here for excel version 050720


Click here for the DMI IDR for our COVID-19 Resource Guide (English version) 050720 Update

Topics include (Updates and New “Tabs” Highlighted):

*   Executive updates from the NJ Office of the Governor (Updated)
*   National, statewide, and county-level updates  (Updated)
*   NJ Testing Sites, by county (Updated)
*   Access to Naloxone information
*   Recovery Support resources & meetings information (Updated)
*   Substance Use Disorder Guidance & Treatment Services  (Updated)
*   Mental Health resources (Updated)
*   Grief Support
*   Crisis Hotline information
*   State-level resources (Updated)
*   Social Services resources
*   (National-level) CDC links and resources
*   Food banks and emergency shelter information, by county
*   Senior services (Updated)
*   Veteran resources
*   First Responder resources  (Updated)
*   College resources
*   Job search resources
*   Information for businesses & employees
*   Home expenses information
*   In-home education resources for students and parents
*   Online entertainment information to ease social distancing & self isolation
*   Health & wellness resources
*   Self-Care resources (Updated)
*   Volunteers/donations opportunities

Additions to the Guide
If you would like to add to the DMI Resource Guide, please email us at DMI@njsp.org. Please include the topic title and applicable information needed.

Updates to the Guide
This guide will be updated as needed and sent to all partners. This guide will also be uploaded to the DMI | COVID-19 HSIN Situation Room (https://share.dhs.gov/dmicovid19), the site of our next HPSN call on Thursday, May 14, 2020, 11 AM EST.

Virtual Individual Support

Virtual Individual Support

Outpatient Counseling

In an effort to continue delivering quality care and support during the pandemic , the Outpatient Counseling Program is  now offering Telehealth Services via video conferencing technology.  This new platform will ensure continued access to individual, couple and family counseling as well as  psychiatric services for the members of our community.  Services are provided licensed clinical professionals and a Board Certified Psychiatrist.

This service is limited to individuals and families who receive Medicaid, or who are uninsured and meet low income guidelines.

For more information please call Shara Rondon at 973-478-4444 Ext.110 or email SRondon@mhapassaic.org


Peer Outreach Support Team/Community Advocate Program

During this time many of us are trying to adjust to a new routine. This can be difficult when the things we do to stay well and connected to others aren’t available in the same way.
Peer to Peer Connections is a telephone support program currently being offered to adults living in Passaic County who are in recovery from a mental health condition and co occurring substance use disorders.
How does it work? Trained Peer Support workers, individuals also in recovery from a mental health condition, can offer regularly scheduled telephone support calls that are based on a mutually developed support plan.
Types of support offered can include: Wellness and Recovery tools, Coping Skills,  Maintaining Sobriety, Using the Internet for Virtual Groups and Activities, Boredom Busters,  Creative Expression, Strategies to stay well,Relaxation and Stress Reduction exercises,  friendly conversation and many others.
Peer to Peer Support Connections is a non crisis telephone support opportunity offered through our Peer Outreach Support Team and Community Outreach Program.
For more information or to apply please contact us at 973-478-4444 ext.116.


IOC (Involuntary Outpatient Commitment Program)

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Involuntary Outpatient Commitment (IOC) referrals are being reviewed on a limited case-by-case basis.

Currently the IOC team is providing support phone calls,  assistance with community referrals,  advocacy and assistance to enrolled participants.   IOC continues to encourage participants who need extra support during this time to call the on-call phone number.  IOC team members  are working with treatment providers to ensure the well-being of IOC participants during this difficult time. Please contact IOC staff if you have any questions or need any other IOC related information 973-478-4444 ext.123 for Diana Ramirez, email:DRamirez@mhapassaic.org or ext.115. for Marjorie Izaguirre, email:MIzaguirre@mhapassaic.org

Virtual Family Support

Consumer Parent Support Network

Free Parent Telephone Support

Due to Covid-19 many parents who are used to having their children in school, involved in activities and able to play with friends are now trying to keep them busy and engaged while coping with their own emotional health. Types of support could include: tips for managing your mental wellness, how to engage with your children, identifying resources in your community and on-line, Peer Counseling and other mutually agreed upon topics. If you are a Passaic County Parent or guardian 18 years or older and have a mental health diagnosis; the Consumer Parent Support Network is available to offer telephone support in English or Spanish. Please contact Yolanda Cobos at 551-666-3029 or email YCobos@mhapassaic.org. The Parent Support Specialist will return your call or email. This telephone support is free of charge and no insurance is necessary.

Intensive Family Support Services

The COVID 19 Pandemic has caused many Families caring for a loved one with a mental  illness to feel alone and isolated from  needed resources and support,

IFSS is here for you and your family,despite these trying times, providing our services via telehealth.  As always our services are free of charge and invested in helping you gain the support, education and referral/linkage to needed social services and psychiatric care for your loved one.

Please don’t hesitate to call us Erika Calvi, MA, LPC, NCC, IFSS Director at 973-478-4444 ext.113. For our Spanish Speaking Support Specialist call Yazmin Amigon at 973-478-4444 ext. 112 or email yamigon@mhapassaoc.org.  You are not alone and together we will work for a brighter now and a better tomorrow