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May 7, 2020

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, NJ’s Drug Monitoring Initiative (DMI) has created a “New Jersey Resource Guide” and accompanying overview IDR to provide all partners and the public with a comprehensive directory/list of programs, links, and information to relevant resources for a variety of topics. Updated: 5/7/2020

The Guide is prepared for your immediate use and, once uploaded by our NJ CARES partners, you can access the updated PDF version at:

You can share with the public, public safety, and public health partners in two different file types:

-DMI HPSN NJ COVID-19 Resource Guide – PDF (a PDF of power point slides, link posted above)

-DMI HPSN NJ COVID-19 Resource Guide – Excel (a spreadsheet with multiple tabs. Note: some tabs are sortable by location) Click here for excel version 050720


Click here for the DMI IDR for our COVID-19 Resource Guide (English version) 050720 Update

Topics include (Updates and New “Tabs” Highlighted):

*   Executive updates from the NJ Office of the Governor (Updated)
*   National, statewide, and county-level updates  (Updated)
*   NJ Testing Sites, by county (Updated)
*   Access to Naloxone information
*   Recovery Support resources & meetings information (Updated)
*   Substance Use Disorder Guidance & Treatment Services  (Updated)
*   Mental Health resources (Updated)
*   Grief Support
*   Crisis Hotline information
*   State-level resources (Updated)
*   Social Services resources
*   (National-level) CDC links and resources
*   Food banks and emergency shelter information, by county
*   Senior services (Updated)
*   Veteran resources
*   First Responder resources  (Updated)
*   College resources
*   Job search resources
*   Information for businesses & employees
*   Home expenses information
*   In-home education resources for students and parents
*   Online entertainment information to ease social distancing & self isolation
*   Health & wellness resources
*   Self-Care resources (Updated)
*   Volunteers/donations opportunities

Additions to the Guide
If you would like to add to the DMI Resource Guide, please email us at Please include the topic title and applicable information needed.

Updates to the Guide
This guide will be updated as needed and sent to all partners. This guide will also be uploaded to the DMI | COVID-19 HSIN Situation Room (, the site of our next HPSN call on Thursday, May 14, 2020, 11 AM EST.